Does Prozac Cause Weight Gain? All You Need To Know

You may wonder what is the easiest way to gain weight. This question may not have a direct answer. Prozac is an antidepressant that incredibly contributes to the treatment of depression, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Although its efficiency in weight gain is questioned by many, Prozac weight gain isn’t an impossible combination. This blog will help you decide whether you should go for Prozac or not. Many prominent healthcare experts believe that Prozac helps you to put on extra kilos, but it is not the same for everyone. Hence, the benefits of Prozac in Weight Gain don’t seem superficial. This blog is entirely into the usefulness of Prozac in putting on weight. So, we’ll also discuss “Does Prozac Cause Weight Gain?”

What is Prozac used for?

Prozac is an FDA-approved medicine used for the treatment of mental disorders and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. This oral capsule contains the active fluoxetine and is considered safe for consumption. It is a generic medication that has mild to serious side effects. Prozac is metallic and bitter and has to be taken after food.

After having the antidepressants, your mood will improve, your sleep cycle can remain balanced, and your anxiety will slow down. Be sure the medicine won’t change your exact personality.

Can Prozac help in Weight Gain?

Are you doubtful about Does Prozac Cause Weight Gain? The final answer to this question is – Yes, Prozac can cause weight gain to a certain extent. Earlier, doctors used to restrict this medication for several side effects like abnormal heartbeat and confusion. However, Prozac may not cause any negative impacts if taken under a doctor’s direction. In addition, it can help in keeping away from premenstrual syndrome.

Despite that, moderate weight can vary from person to person. It is recommended to discuss with the physician about the expectations from Prozac. However, a person’s overall shape and size define natural beauty.

How does Prozac work?

Mainly, Prozac works by restoring the balance of a natural substance called serotonin in the brain. After taking this capsule for 1 or 2 weeks a lower level of anxiety and tiredness is felt by the patient. Apparently, mood enhancement is noticed within a month. In addition, your overall energy levels and appetite can also get boosted with Prozac.

Hence, Prozac’s response in motor functioning gets noticeable rapidly. Still, it is advised to make informed choices before consuming these capsules.

Why does Prozac cause weight gain?

It is not a myth that Prozac causes weight gain. Yet, a few factors, like age, gender, and lifestyle habits, are essential for influencing weight management. The best Dieticians in India claim that body chemistry varies considerably.

There are numerous arguments regarding why Prozac causes weight gain. Let’s look at those.

1. Changes in Metabolism

Firstly, metabolism may slow down after the consumption of Prozac. If your body loses the ability to burn calories like it used to, then extra calories are added. Prozac intentionally contributes to unwanted weight gain, then.

2. Increase in Appetite

Prozac is readily associated with weight gain as it increases appetite all of a sudden. Many individuals tend to feel hungrier than usual and long for food frequently. They end up eating more calories and improving their overall weight.

3. Cutting down physical activity

Although a person isn’t eating unusually still they can put on weight with Prozac. Furthermore, lack of physical activity can be primarily blamed for weight gain. They may do so because of a lack of adequate motivation from depression or anxiety medication.

How much weight do you gain with Prozac?

Even though it is true that Prozac can contribute to weight gain, no severe such weight gain can be felt. Despite that, you may gain about 7 pounds after consuming Prozac regularly. At times, people can also have slight weight loss. 

How to use Prozac?

Prozac will show its effectiveness only when used with care. This drug should be taken as per the physician’s recommendation. Your doctor may give Prozac’s dosage depending on your medical symptoms.

  • Take the pill orally.

  • Have it once in the morning daily.

  • Use the liquid form of Prozac for proper measurement.

  • Take a measuring spoon to know about the appropriate dosage of Prozac.

Go through the medication guide provided by the pharmacist properly before using Prozac. If there are any questions, ask the doctor directly.

What is Prozac’s dosage?

There is no specific Prozac dosage, as the doctor solely decides that. Many factors are considered before prescribing Prozac to anyone. Your severity of condition, liver function, age, and medical conditions are examined. Further to this, a doctor may start by giving a low dosage of Prozac. Later, the trained medical expert can determine your exact requirement for this medication. 

What is the best time to take Prozac?

As per physician’s say, Prozac should be taken once a day with or without food. However you are allowed to take this drug at any point in time, but it is better to stick to the same time. Many individuals who have sleeping troubles with Prozac should take it in the morning.

Are there any side effects of Prozac?

This would be wrong to say that Prozac doesn’t have any side effects. Like other medications, its side effects may range from mild to severe. Don’t worry; your healthcare provider may give you tips to manage those beforehand.

Common side effects from Prozac may include:


Intentional weight gain can be quickly done through Prozac. Consumption of this drug doesn’t assure you real weight gain anyway. This will impact your hormones to generate fat cells. In case you have reverse weight gain from this medication, switch to the Meditarrian diet. Always consult your healthcare provider before including Prozac in your diet, as this can have adverse reactions. Not all body types can suit such antidepressants, and it is better to remain cautious. I hope you are clear and get the answer to your query, “Does Prozac cause weight gain?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you gain weight with Prozac?

Typically, Prozac is a promising medicine for weight gain.

At what time of day should you take Prozac?

Prozac should be taken in the morning or at noon.

Can you take Prozac orally?

Yes, you may take Prozac orally.

Who should avoid Prozac?

If you have an allergic reaction to Prozac, then you should avoid it.

Can you drink Prozac?

Side effects may worsen if you start drinking Prozac.

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